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Water Sleeping Mask




Pickytimin review for Water Sleeping Mask

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Water Sleeping Mask

Water Sleeping Mask

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Water Sleeping Mask

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Here is a mini that I have been loving so much. Received this sample from @topbox weeks ago and I have to say it is worth giving a try. It is the @laneigeca @laneige_us Water Sleeping Mask💙🤍. 💧PRODUCT DETAIL: It is an overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask that quickly absorbs while you sleep to deeply hydrate the skin. 💧KEY INGREDIENTS: Squalene and Probiotics Derived Complex. 💧THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCE: Just wanted to mention the fact that I tried this product has a mini sample size, but have used it about 5 to 6 times and there is still quite a bit left. With this mask a little bit goes a long way both for the face and if you want to apply to your neck area also. The main purpose of this mask is to provide extra deep hydration into the skin at the last step of your skincare routine, this product really proves itself in that area. I use it 2 times a week, applying it on my face and letting it dry. After application, it does not leave any residue at all and I also noticed that this product does not only deep hydrate but also calms the skin while using it. Explains why Squalene is an ingredient in the product. Overall, it is such a lovely mask to give a try. I recommend it to all skin types but people with sensitive and dry skin types will appreciate this product the most👍🏽 5/5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Have you ever used this mask before? What are your thoughts?
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