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| 4 June, 2022

good review
FRESH SKINLAB ✨ Jeju Aloe Ice Sunblock Spf50 ✨ Description: Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice UV Sunblock with SPF 50 PA++ provides superior sun protection while keeping your skin cool and hydrated. Claims: ✓ Light watery essence ✓ Cooling effect ✓ Hydrating ✓ Non-sticky feel ✓ Sun Protection Personal Thoughts/Review: I would firstly applaud the packaging as it was really pleasing to the eye highlighting one of it's ingredient which is the Aloe Vera. Talking about the price, it doesn't cost much considering the protection it could give to our skin! It already has SPF50 as well as PA++ that could help to block both the UVB and UVA rays which are known to be damaging to the skin. As for the first claim, I didn't actually find it having a watery texture but instead I consider it as having a cream texture and has a Refreshing fragrance. I didn't feel a cooling effect upon application however, I observed that it has a white cast but not that much which I do like as it blends easily to the skin that makes me look like having a fairer skin. With regards to the products third claim, It is indeed hydrating and it gives a glowy effect which makes my skin looks healthier. Lastly, it does feel sticky upon application but that stickiness fades away after about 2-3 mins. so it wasn't a big deal for me at all. It is also worth taking note that it is Alcohol and Paraben Free. I use this product everyday and I apply a generous amount especially if I'll be going outside for a long period of time and I can say that it does protect my skin as it didn't get burnt/darker so make sure to reapply!
bad review
I didn't actually find anything bad about this product however, always make sure to patch test first to other parts of the skin before actually using it to your face as some people might be allergic to some of the components of this product.




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