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Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser




BoxyLady review for Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser


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Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser

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💬 Have you used a milk cleanser? What do you think of them? Personally I am a fan of them, specifically for my AM routine. This Yam Root Vegan Milk Cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean, but not stripped or dry, just soft and moisturized. You massage this onto dry skin, and add a little water, massaging a bit longer and then rinse with warm water. I would never know this wasn’t made with actual milk, if I didn’t see the label but It is in fact vegan 🌱 Yep!! The vegan milk complex is made with multiple extracts (Rice, coconut fruit, soybean, oatmeal, & sweet almond seed) Yet the texture, scent, feel all are the same as other milk cleansers I’ve used. Now why the yam root? Well because it’s amazing at forming a moisture barrier on your skin, helping to moisturize it, and the amino acids help sooth your skin without damaging the skin barrier. Isntree uses Adong yam root, which grows in sandy well drained soil allowing for a high content of phyto mucin which is what does all the good stuff. Key Ingredients & Claims ~ * Phyto Mucin complex from plant extracts * Hibiscus Esculentus Fruit (Okra) * Sacred lotus * Undaria pinnatifida (Kelp) * Dioscorea japonica (Yam) For Skin Types ~ Sensitive, but I think this would work well on any skin type honestly. Packaging ~ Made with recycled green tea paper & soy ink in a large 220 ml pump bottle Worth Noting ~ * Cruelty Free * Vegan * Fragrance Free * Pregnancy Friendly Retail Price ~ $22.50
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wish I could get a chance to try this 😫♥️
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the texture of this is gorgeous! definitely want to get my hands on this x

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