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Alpha Arbutin 02%




sheenshine review for Alpha Arbutin 02%

Skin Care

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Alpha Arbutin 02%

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Minimalist__ 2% Alpha Arbutin Face serum . Description as per brand : ✨No More Pigmentation and Blemishes ✨Reduces Tanning and dark spots ✨Effective Skin Brightening Serum ✨For All skin types ✨ Clean and transparent beauty . Packaging: This product comes in a black glass bottle with a dropper attached on top . Fragrance: This product is odourless . Colour & Consistency: This product has a watery like texture and is transparent in colour . My Experience: I use this serum in my PM Skincare routine.After Cleansing my face with a good Cleanser I take a sufficient amount of product and massage it on my skin and then seal it with a Moisturiser.This product is a holy grail product for me.Why is No one is talking about this product.I mean this is a very good and effective serum. Minimalist did a very great Job.It doesn't show results in 2-3 days.But takes 2-3 weeks .After using this for 2-3 weeks I can literally see a glow and shine on my skin.It fades my Acne scars, even out my skin, brings a glow on my face.I'm literally in love with this particular product.But There are some cons (as nothing is perfect),Once my Skin barrier was broken when I apply this serum it triggered my skin.So Don't apply this serum if you've broken barrier.and Don't use more than 3-4 drops because when you apply too much it will feel very heavy on your skin. But this is a very good product,I love this .It show very effective results if you use it properly. . Recommendations: I would recommend this to people with Oily, Combination and Acne-prone skin.I would not recommend this to people with sensitive and dry skin. . Rating: 4/5 .
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Feels heavy on skin







Great review 👏
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Thanks for the review. I've never heard of this before.

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