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Firming Eye Cream




Renegade review for Firming Eye Cream

Skin Care

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Firming Eye Cream

product review positives
I received this product for free from Picky and VVbetter in exchange for my honest review. I've been seeing alot of reviews saying that eye creams are just expensive moisturizers, I've never considered using one but I do apply moisturizers on my entire face including the eye area, I've never seen any difference as I've always had prominent bags under my eyes, they're not dark but they're prominent, ever since I was a kid so I didn't put much thought into it even when I got hooked on skin care so whenever I use concealer I had to be very specific on the shade and where to apply it to minimize the prominence of my under eye which works in front of cameras but not in real life. Regarding the VVBetter Firming Eye Cream I've only got the chance to use this for 7 days to actually see a difference on my bags, so I can't tell yet if it's working or making improvement. Along with the product, proper sleep is also essential to lessen the puffiness of the bags so if one always sleeps late it will be difficult to tell if the product is working or maybe it is but it will take longer than 7 Days to actually see the improvements. 📦Packaging: Very clean and slick, easy to use without making a mess, the stopper which you turn actually helps in preventing accidental spillage. The packaging would be a huge positive impact to the environment if it can be refilled, replaced with same product if available, or reused with other products like how I usually reuse cleansers that comes in pump bottles I can put other product in it like Hand Cleansers, Dishwashing soaps, and the like.. but I don't see how this packaging can be disassembled without ruining the bottle. 🧏🏽‍♀️Texture and Application: 1 pump was enough for both eyes, it's always suggested to use the ring finger for application as well. The feel of the cream after it has been absorbed by the skin is smooth velvet-like and no stickiness nor residue can be felt. 📝Conclusion: It takes years and years for any product to see improvements and one has to be consistent of using it while also tracking it, so I can't tell yet if the Firming Eye cream is working on my already prominent eye bags. Eye creams are optional for some and an essential to others. This eye cream also makes concealers adhere better on my under eye area with it's smooth finish.
product review negatives
There is nothing bad with the ingredients and the product itself. I didn't have any bad reaction while using it. ❌The packaging must've been expensive and well-thought but after using up the product what happens to the bottle? Can I reuse or fill it up with another product or do I throw the whole thing away? It would really be bad for the environment as I don't know how to recycle their packaging.




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fantastic review 👏
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great review, thanks for sharing!
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this is a wonderful review. all the reviews on this product have been GREAT! I’m all in!
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thank you for sharing👏good details

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