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Re:wake Moist Treatment




skincarereview101 review for Re:wake Moist Treatment

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Re:wake Moist Treatment

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~Gifted, but opinions are my own~ #pr #gifted #sponsored “I received this product for free from Picky and Plodica in exchange for my honest review.” I am sharing my thoughts on a vegan and cruelty-free product kindly gifted by @go.picky @pickyrewards @plodica.official 🌞PRODUCT AND SIZING: Plodica Re:Wake Moist Treatment, 150ml. 🎁PRESENTATION: The treatment comes in a clear glass bottle with an easy-to-peel label and a twist-off cap. The boxe is made of 100% sugar cane with soy ink. 💦STAR INGREDIENTS: The vegan treatment contains highly concentrated lotus callus extract (92%). It contain extracted active ingredients from lotus seeds discovered from Goryeo Dynasty (from 760 years ago). This main ingredient for Plodica is called ARA 760. 🌺TEXTURE and SCENT: The treatment is viscous and has a noticeable scent in the beginning. It does not contain any fragrance. 👨‍🦱 MY THOUGHTS: The opening of the treatment is very small and it takes effort to dispense the product. Some lotus-derived products I use have great scents (maybe they are more like lotus flowers?), and some just don’t. Unfortunately, this treatment doesn’t have the lotus scent I like, but the scent does not linger. I read some reviewers saying this did not work for their dry skin, but it hydrated my combination skin sufficiently. 👐 PAIRING: I used this with various products, including Dermatica (only at night), Coxir snail eye cream, Plodica creamy mask, and Benton sunscreen. Others may have different experiences based on skin types, products they use, environmental conditions, etc.
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I do not like the scent and it is hard to dispense.




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The scent is giving me a weird vibe too. 😅

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