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Jeju Aloe Ice Sunblock SPF50

Hybrid Sunscreens

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| 7 February, 2021

good review
I adore this. This is a repurchase for me. No white cast and easy to layer and its 100ml for a very affordable price. Its also very moisturizing and quite soothing so i can skip my moisturizer and go straight to this. I'm always on the hunt for a good affordable sunblock since i go through them real quick. This is really good, currently my best friend.
bad review
Even though i love this. I do have some concern. because it's quite moisturizing it will give a dewy finish. And it will leave a film on top of your face that if you continue with your make up and put on some powder, it will feel really cakey. My powder super cling to this product. I still like this tho but because of this concern i still keep trying other products. Not my holy grail just my current favorite.




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