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Re:wake Moist Treatment




SashaGrace review for Re:wake Moist Treatment

Skin Care

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Re:wake Moist Treatment

product review positives
*I received this product for free from Picky and @plodica.official in exchange for my honest review. I don't particularly enjoy using this toner. It hydrates in a so-so manner, but would've been nice if it imparted more. SokoGlam says it contains hyaluronic acid, but not only do I not see HA in the ingredients HA just doesn't do that much for me anyway. ✨This product contains a lot of great antioxidants and antimicrobial ingredients, and ingredients that open more channels in skin for better absorption. ✨The consistency is a slightly more viscous formula that absorbs really quickly. ✨And the scent is nice because there is zero fragrance. 🌱This product is vegan. And if you remove the sticker labeling, the glass bottle is fully recyclable. I reeeally appreciate that eco-consciousness.
product review negatives
⚠️The ingredients don't seem to offer much outside of some hydration. ⚠️Browsing the cost of this, it's on sale for $29 USD at SokoGlam. I would pay maybe $15 for this. I think half the cost of this product goes toward its rather heavy glass packaging and soy ink, but recyclable plastic packaging would have sufficed if MSRP could have been brought down.




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