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Licorice Calming Cream




skincarereview101 review for Licorice Calming Cream

Skin Care

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Licorice Calming Cream

product review positives
~Gifted, but opinions are my own~ #pr #gifted #sponsored “I received this product for free from Picky and I'm From in exchange for my honest review.” I was kindly gifted the following by @go.picky @pickyrewards @imfrom_global 🌞PRODUCT AND SIZING: I’m From Licorice Calming Cream, 50 ml. 🎁PRESENTATION: It comes in a plastic tube with a flip-off cap. 💦STAR INGREDIENTS: It contains 58% licorice exosomes/root extract. 🌺TEXTURE and SCENT: This cream is more like a gel cream. It has no scent, and it does not contain any fragrance. 👨‍🦱 MY THOUGHTS: This cream is for troubled and sensitive skin, but can work for others for this strengthens skin barrier too. I am currently using a tretinoin treatment nightly (on and off), so I am sometimes in the sensitized skin category. This gel-like cream does not irritate my skin (with some products, adverse reactions potentially related to my tretinoin treatment can be pretty instant). Not only that, it is moisturizing without being sticky, and I wake up with my skin dewy, not greasy, in the morning (although I may need something heavier during the winter). Some acne-prone skin products I have used can be drying, but this one works well for my combination skin. I sometimes feel a bit of a cooling feeling when I use this, but I'm not sure whether it’s related to using this with a tretinoin treatment. 👐 PAIRING: I used this with various products, including Barr calming toner, Barr essence, Dermatica (only at night), and Real Barrier sunscreen Others may have different experiences based on skin types, products they use, environmental conditions, etc.
product review negatives
I am not sure if this will work for very dry skin.




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I should save this for later.I get skin irritation every now and then.would be nice to try.
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this product is my first aid👏🏻💙

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