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Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask




skinsupportco review for Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

Hair Masks

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Fino Premium Touch Hair Mask

product review positives
Okay this product definitely lives up to the reviews outside of picky.. not sure why it’s so low here. It’s affordable, smells good and actually works. For reference I have chemically treated hair that of course is damaged from bleaching. I’ve used both high end and low end products. I also really favour clean hair feel and I cannot go too long between washes as I can’t stand dirty feeling hair. This also doesn’t affect my scalp or oil production it’s just personal preference. this hair mask really does live up to the hype y’all 🤤🤤 Japan knew what they were doing when they add sugar. spice. and everything nice in this tub 🪄 okay first of all it smells sooo good. the scent is like a boujee salon without the price tag. It’s super affordable for how much you get and in my opinion it’s super concentrated so you actually don’t even need to use a whole lot but it’s so hard not too. It makes your hair soooo soft and smooth without weighing it down whatsoever. The trick is to really emulsify it in your hands first before you apply it to the hair. I mean realllllllyyy emulsify it. I focus it on my ends and then the remnants are worked on the crown of my head I try to leave it in for around 5-10 minutes but I’ve seen some users leave it in for 20mins+. It’s actually recently gone viral on chinas’s xiaohongshu which is their popular social media site. they’ve been mixing it with Johnson’s baby oil and smothering it on to dry hair and wrapping their hair up in plastic to let it marinade and they achieve the most beautiful glossy hair I’ve seen. personally on my hair I haven’t experienced that as I have chemically treated locks but damn it has made such a difference in my hair already that I don’t doubt I can get to that stage with some more effort. it actually works so well to detangle my hair especially when wet which makes it so easy to comb through the hair and post wash out for when I blow dry is also such a easy process for me now. If you haven’t given this a try yet you absolutely need to drop everything and get it now. ✨not pr, own purchase.
product review negatives
Only thing is I wish they scent lasted longer on my because it’s so nice but it wouldn’t stop me from buying it again




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Thanks for sharing
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Do you know where I can find this ?
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It’s on my cart

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