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#Nude Peach




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#Nude Peach

#Nude Peach

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#Mono Pink

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My first product from 3CE! 🥳 Been wanting to try the Mood Recipe Face Blush series due to the rave reviews online. The shade I purchased is Mono Pink, which is one of their bestselling shades from the range. Mono Pink is a soft pure pink colour that leans more neutral than cool. It gives the perfect natural pink flush on the cheeks. The formula is divine! The powder is super fine, pore blurring, and has good lasting power too. It's quite sheer but can be easily built up, which makes it great for beginners and those with fair skin. I really like it! I wanted a natural, subtle blush that won't look too much, as I can sometimes overdo it with the blush 🙈 I also wanted to try a pink blusher for a change, since I'm usually more of a peachy and coral blush person. And Mono Pink fits all the criteria perfectly! 🥰 It's just the right shade for an everyday, natural makeup look. I finally understand the hype about 3CE blushers. They're really good quality and have such unique colours (I was contemplating between Rose Beige and Nude Peach. They even came out with more new pretty shades which made it even more confusing to choose!!) and their packaging is amazing too, as expected of 3CE/Stylenanda 🤌🤩💗 Price-wise, it's definitely pricier than other Korean roadshop brands so I recommend to get them when on sale (that's what I did! 😎)
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Nothing bad about it!







Now this is me!!!! Thank you for the great and honest review. I'm not an outgoing person and always battle to get the correct shade. Again this is definitely for me
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Congratulations on Super Picky Squad!Fantastic, informative review. I’ve never tried this brand, but looking at this lovely shade I’m very interested in doing so now.

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