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#05 Midnight Mauve




MeaningInMakeup review for #05 Midnight Mauve

Lip Stain & Tint

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#05 Midnight Mauve

#05 Midnight Mauve

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#05 Midnight Mauve

product review positives
I received this product for free from Picky and ETUDE in exchange for my honest review. I have to say out of the three products that I received from Etude, this was my favorite. The doe foot applicator is easy to use, and lastly because it is a tint, it has fantastic staying power. This is an option that will last you through eating dinner with family or friends, and I highly suggest this option for someone looking for all day lip color (like say for a wedding for example). It applied evenly, and didn’t make the lines in my lips any more noticeable than they would be if I didn’t wear any lip product. The stain that stayed behind with wear was almost as pigmented as the initial application color was. Plus considering it is a matte color option, it wasn’t overly thick or drying. It was a lightweight option with full coverage. I also lucked out that the color that I received is actually very close to the natural color of my lips, so this is an amazing neutral option for people who have naturally pink lips like I do. I forgot to mention in the video review that it does have a subtle fruity scent to it, but it wasn’t intense or anything.
product review negatives
I didn’t have anything that I really disliked about this product. I was very happy with it.




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Thank you for sharing. I don't care for the way tints highlight to lines in my lips. So this is a promising product.
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Very good review thanks ☺️

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