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Water Sleeping Mask




beebybabby review for Water Sleeping Mask

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Water Sleeping Mask

Water Sleeping Mask

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Water Sleeping Mask

product review positives
šŸŒ· Light refreshing gel texture šŸŒ· Feels slightly cooling - I really like Laneige, but I just don't like this product! If you have oily skin, I think you might like this mask. The mask has a water-based gel cream consistency which feels very light on the skin. I think that it can work if you use it as a hydrating layer beneath a thicker occlusive moisturizer, but then that kind of defeats the purpose of being a sleeping mask that's supposed to seal everything in. If your skin doesn't need much help with moisture but you like a cooling, hydrating gel then this product may feel great to you- but if you're like me and need a lot more help, then I'd pass on this one.
product review negatives
šŸ‚ Made my skin feel drier šŸ‚ Heavily fragranced - As somebody with very dry and sensitive skin, I didn't feel like this helped with anything- I even found it slightly drying. Even when my skin is especially dehydrated, I don't feel like this provides that much hydration. It sinks into my skin very quickly and leaves it feeling thirstier. It's also got a decent amount of fragrance.




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