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Water-Free Vanilla Herbal Body Lotion

Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella


Lorelei review for Water-Free Vanilla Herbal Body Lotion

Skin Care

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Water-Free Vanilla Herbal Body Lotion

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It is well known I'm ocd about 3 things - lip balm, lotion & hair products - so whenever I get the opportunity to try a new to me brand, I jump on it. This one by @eccobella_beauty did not disappoint! Ecco Bella Plant Based Vanilla Body Lotion is divinely scented. I'm incredibly picky about vanilla in particular, and this one nailed the scent. With the slightest touch of sweetness from the coconut, this lotion will delight the senses. It has a silky texture that feels so good as it glides easily on, and it absorbs magnificently. You don't need a lot of it to achieve optimum benefits, and a little really does go a long way. Its active Ingredient is Super Vitamin E, a blend of all eight tocopherols and tocotrienols, which are 50 times more potent than regular vitamin E, a must for anti-aging! This water free lotion also includes: Coconut/Sunflower Seed/Safflower/Sesame & Babassu Oils & Shea Butter for deep nourishment. What all this means is that dry winter skin is banished. You are left with incredibly soft skin, with a seductive hint of scent that is so tantalizing. I cannot recommend this lotion enough! In addition to all the skin loving ingredients, it is also a sizeable tube, so you really get what you pay for. 🌱 Vegan πŸ‡ Cruelty-Free 🚫 Parabens, Gluten Find it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00005NASR/?maas=maas_adg_A1280DCF4C07630CA82DBC8B92208ADE_afap_abs&ref
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There is nothing bad about this hydrating serum that comes in a sizeable tube. I love it!!




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