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Real Nature Mask Sheet - Tomato




myrinA review for Real Nature Mask Sheet - Tomato

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Real Nature Mask Sheet - Tomato

product review positives
🍅Nature Republic Real Nature Mask Sheet Tomato🍅 . . 🍅2nd sheet mask from NR version and as usual, I am liking it! . . 🍅It claims for hydrating and improving skin complexion. Hydrating, YES but skin complexion maybe not really for one time usage but my blemishes seems calm however I don’t think the sheet mask alone is in action. It is one of the contributor maybe 😬 . . 🍅Smell like tomato! but so mild. Not really have the sour tomato smell. It is the sweet tomato version one 😂 . . 🍅Sheet is thin and soak well in the essence. Fitting is quite small for mouth area. The sheet almost cover my lips as time goes by 😂 . . 🍅Essence is clear, but not dripping. As I took out of the sheet, the essence is not everywhere. Lots of remaining essence but I finish it in one go, adding to the sheet till the sheet really drenched. . . 🍅I leave for 20 minutes, remove the sheet and pat the remaining essence. I thought the essence will take short time to absorb but hella I was wrong it takes around 30 minutes to be absorbed! and it leaves tacky feelings but I don’t mind since I was going to bed 😂 . . 🍅 I just love the visuals of the sheet. I keep on adoring the printing and the design. I cannot wait to try all of NR sheet mask and share my thoughts. Sorry I am more into sheet masks since I didn’t emptied & try new skincare range much. I have to slow down since my skin is not in good condition 😭 . . 🍅Repurchase? YES! will do after I am getting bored trying new sheet masks out there hehe and IF there is good deal for NR sheet masks #skincare #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #sheetmask #tomato #naturerepublic #hydrates #skincomplexion #thinsheetmask #skincarerants #skincarereview #metry #skincareroutine #1day1mask #everydaysheetmask
product review negatives
🍅 Hmmm nothing bad ,,🤗 It is good, cheap... so everything is perfect 🤗




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