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Jeju Aloe Ice Sunblock SPF50

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| 3 March, 2021

good review
If I have to describe this sunscreen, it would be through the words: "Ambitious, but doesn't live up to what it hoped." I think it's quite decent especially since it doesn't put a dent on your budget, but I think it would be better to look for alternatives instead. But before I delve onto it's problems, let's take a look first at its positives: Beneficial Ingredients🧫: ➡️ Niacinamide ➡️ Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Texture🧫: ➡️ The product comes out white from the tube so it might look scary at first, but once you spread it out, the white color disappears as it's absorbed. Sunscreen Type🌞: Physical Sunblock/Sunscreen Rating📝: 1.5⭐/5 Would Repurchase? NO THE PROS✔️ ☑️ It's really cheap, like dirt cheap when you compare the size of the product with the price. For a student on budget, the price tag was perfect for me. ☑️ As I have mentioned, the product comes in a 100ml amount which is quite unusual for an entry size for a sunblock since most sunblock has sizes that ranges 50ml or below but with higher prices. ☑️ It has a cooling sensation upon application, probably due to the aloe vera extract in it, plus it's alcohol and paraben-free. ☑️ Minimal white cast, so darker skinned gals would surely like how it doesn't make their skin look paler than their natural skin color.
bad review
THE CONS❎ ❎ It's too greasy, heavy and, tacky for my skin. Even if I have a drier skin type, this sunscreen just feels so uncomfortable and sticky, to the point that my hair always sticks to my face😐. The discomfort then amplifies on warmer weather since it really feels like a film is stuck on your face. ❎ The fragrance❇️. Good lord, the fragrance on this thing is too strong. I usually like the scent of aloe vera and I'm not really sensitive to fragrances either, but the fragrance on this thing was too overpowering that I always contemplate on whether I stop wearing sunscreen altogether😣 ❎ It was embroiled in a fiasco with the FDA. Weeks after I bought this sunscreen, I unluckily found out that the local FDA wants this product to be pulled off the shelves. The news just made me more sceptical if the SPF claims that they have with this product are actually true, especially since Asian sunscreens at the time were under fire for misinformed SPF levels plus this sunscreen never released a statement in regards to the accuracy of their claims. But if it's resolved, just let me know☺️ ❎ It tanned my face⛅ Now speaking of FDA levels, although this can be subjective, but my skin just tanned even if I have this product on when I go out, further fueling my doubts about it. ❎ It stung my eyes. I have tried a number of sun products in the past, and this is the first time that my eyes stung. I always end up teary eyed whenever I use this sunblock. Other Thoughts💭: ➡️ Overall, this product could have been better since it has an attractive price and size. If only the formulation is better or that if they've avoided encountering problems with the FDA, I might have trusted the brand more. This just proved the notion that cheaper is not better and I recommend that it would be better for future buyers to invest on a more reliable and trusted sun product than this one.




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5 December, 2021

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