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Rose Galactomyces Silky Tone Up Cream




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Rose Galactomyces Silky Tone Up Cream

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⏺iUNIK - Rose Galactomyces Silky Tone-Up Cream Infused with galactomyces, rosewater and natural plant extracts, this lightweight tone-up cream regulates skin’s moisture levels and nourishes skin, leaving it feeling silky smooth, looking bright and clean. Enriched with mixed grain extract to protect skin from ultraviolet rays, resmelin complex to soothe and brighten skin, and niacinamide to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. After the last step of skin care, spread evenly over face to achieve a natural radiant pinkish tone on its own or wear underneath a foundation as a primer for a dewy, smooth skin. ⏺Star Ingredients benefits: 🏵Rose water has been used as a beauty product for thousands of years, so it's no surprise that it can improve your complexion, soften dark spots and rejuvenate skin overtime. The antibacterial properties may help reduce acne. The anti-inflammatory properties can reduce skin redness and puffiness. 🏵Galactomyces has the ability to increase product absorption and also has known antioxidant effects. It has been shown to improve sebum levels in oily skin, as well as brighten and tackle acne. Studies have also show that galactomyce causes epidermal cells to produce hyaluronic acid. It helps to nourish and revitalise the skin, while reducing signs of aging, deeply moisturise the skin, great for dry and tired skin which will bring back the skin's natural glow. Studies have also revealed that Galactomyces improves acne by almost 10%. 🆁🅴🆅🅸🅴🆆 🆄🅿🅳🅰🆃🅴 ❤️What I love ❤️ A lightweight tone up cream that is not chalky dry, blend easily, evens out uneven complexion and gives a natural glowing smooth finish when it is used on its own. It has a very pleasant distinct refreshing rose scent. Contains powerful antioxidants and anti aging properties formulated with provence rose water, natural oriental herbal extract, and 5000ppm galactomyces fermented filtrate. A very moisturising brightening cream that keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. Enriched with mixed grain extract that protect skin from ultraviolet rays, resmelin complex which soothes & brightens skin, niacinamide that reduces uneven skin texture, preventing fine lines & also awesome as a double function wrinkle care. It claims to work perfectly underneath a foundation as a primer, and it gives an illusion of perfect skin without makeup when it is used with a face powder.  ♨️Cons: It leaves a clear white cast and pills whenever it is layered on top of a sunscreen. As I can’t use it together with a sunscreen on my face that causes pilling I wish the formulation will be changed to a tone up sun cream instead with a high spf rating and still can be enjoyed as a tinted moisturizer. Contains fragrance and some fungal acne trigger ingredients but thus far, it has not given me any reactions on my sensitive skin. This tone up cream is only suitable for fair skin type and definitely not for darker skin tone. Though I have fair skin type, it still leaves my skin with a white cast and you need to know how to use and apply it properly to minimize the white cast from being too noticeable. 😁 I have repurposed this brightening cream as a tone up hand cream and happy to say it leaves my dry hand silky soft and glowing beautifully.😁
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Leave a white cast, pilled whenever applied on a sunscreen, contains rose fragrance and fungal acne trigger ingredients.




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