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| 29 March, 2021

good review
Oat Cleansing Balm - an affordable and gentle oat-based cleansing balm by the UK based skincare brand The Inkey List. If I had to choose between cleansing oils and balms, it would be an easy choice: I definitely prefer cleansing oils! I don’t love that most of the balms are usually in jars. Some of them are far less easy to emulsify than oils, and you have to remove them with a damp cloth to rinse them properly. So when I saw that the inkey list balm was in a tube, I was sold. I like its rather short formula, with soothing oat extracts, very appealing! Containing: – sweet almond, sunflower and oat kernel oils - helping to dissolve impurities – emulsifying ingredients – and also colloidal oatmeal and oat kernel oil - giving a soothing effects Fairly simple, no fuss product, great for all skin types. Texture: thick and has a slight graininess to it, which, once worked into the skin, dissolves easily. Overall a great cleanser for dry or sensitive skin.I can see why it quickly become a bestseller for the brand, and I'm not surprised one bit. 10/10
bad review
Some people find it hard to squeeze it out of the tube because of thee thick consistency.




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