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Calming Balance Day Cream

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Masktery review for Calming Balance Day Cream


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Calming Balance Day Cream

product review positives
This product is a surprisingly good find! I was quite impressed by this product as it is very affordable. Artemisia is actually the second ingredient in this cream, which was not actually advertised on the product. It also contains other soothing ingredients like centella, chamomile, green tea. There are a lot of ceramides in this cream, so it has a buttery moisturizing feel on your skin. However it is not greasy at all, it leaves a velvety soft finish on the skin. I only applied a very very small amount of this cream and it layered well with my other serums and sunscreens without pilling. So a very small amount goes a really long way. In fact I feel that this is better suited as a night cream because it is very nourishing and moisturizing.
product review negatives
It was advertised as a day cream, but I realize that it can be quite heavy for me since I am accustomed to using gels in the day time (so I can layer under my sunscreen). It also contains silica (which I don't mind) but it might bother some people.




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