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Coconut Hydrating Serum




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Coconut Hydrating Serum

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🌴 COCONUT HYDRATING SERUM 50mL🌴 ~81% coconut water (rich in amino acids), ~Olive fruit oil, squalane, shea butter - nourishing ~Niacinamide - brightening, anti-aging, skin barrier support, pore control Packaging 🌴 Heavy frosted glass dropper bottle 🌴 50mL 📦 PAO 12M Texture/Scent 🌴 Very viscous, like agar that hasn't solidified yet 👃 Very light, pleasant scent (not coconut scented interestingly, bergomot oil) 💭: I really like this serum! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did! I was also really surprised by the texture! The consistency is so unique and feels really luxurious with a nice watery feeling slip on the skin. It is very viscous and doesn't run and really reminds me of almond agar that hasn't solidified yet. I love how it just glides onto the skin when applied and feels immediately moisturizing and hydrating without too much occlusiveness. It dried down completely well, though it can feel slightly sticky initially. It doesn't leave any residue behind once fully dry and doesn't feel heavy at all despite the viscosity and creamy looking color. It layers well with other products! Those with dry skin will love this though I think most skin types can enjoy this including combo and oily skin!
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Essential oils can be sensitizing




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