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MY retinol journey

I started using Retinols in June starting and it's almost 6 weeks . My dermatologist suggested me to use it . So I want to share how I started using it for the first week I used it twice , Short contact therapy , I mixed retinol with moisturizer and applied on my face and left it for 2-3 hours . 2nd week I used it twice - with moisturizer and I can see some purging . 3rd week , used it twice and purging was intense , my skin felt itchy, ance was painful but it was in my active area . I started using Niacinamide serum from this week . 4th week - same used it twice but purging was same like last week , but my skin was not dry . 5th week - I can see acne drying out and less itching , still there were new acne coming up but it's less compared to previous week's . 6th week - This week I can see some change in purging ,it's less and I am feeling better . . Patience is required and I am trying hard to maintain that , as it's very difficult to see face with so many new pimples everyday but I am hoping for good results in future . Also never forget your SPF . I will continue using this and will tell you about my journey in upcoming discussions .




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