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SKIN1004 Mask & Cica thought 💭

Today I used the skin1004 Mummy pack mask (lifting mask) and I would like to express my honest thought on it. To be honest, I’m super excited to try it as it is a hype product and often received great review ! Packaging 📦: - Look elegant and great 😍 - Provide brush too (look so classy as well) - When mixing have to be extra careful cause the powder might just be a mess ! Upon application🪄: - I COULD NOT STAND THE SMELL 😰 I’m not sure what smell it is but it smells like a rotten egg. - A smooth watery application but after 1 minute applied on face it straight away sit well. After 15 minutes: (Instruction said 10-15minutes) - The mask become super hard and have the pulsating feeling (super strong, I guess cause is lifting mask that’s why ?) - It strong till make my face feel uncomfortable 😣 - The washing part is the most disaster!! It require amount of force to wipe off the mask during washing (my face is sensitive skin which require gentle touch) but the mask just hardly come out if I use gentle force. After done wash: - My face obviously get so red and my skin feel so itchy (I think cause the mask effect too strong till trigger my sensitive skin) *Since I’ve been given sample of their Madagascar Centella Hyaluronic Cica Toner and Blue Serum (cause I purchased the mummy pack) so I thought of trying it see whether can calm my skin or not as it claim to be calming and suitable for sensitive skin. What shocked me is, my face getting worst and even more itchy especially at my jawline there 😭 I just wanna say, it might suitable for others but definitely not me😭 I have been so excited to try their product because it look so convincing that it suit my skin! Unfortunately nope 😣 *below is the picture of: 1) the product include sample 2) my face during application of mask 3) after washing off the mask can see how red my skin was 4) after used the toner and blue serum my face getting super itchy and red ! *face kinda ugly so hide it 🤣 Thank you for reading !




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