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Roberts acqua distillata alle rose water toner 300ml

Benefits: - Helps prevent redness and irritation caused by the action of external agents - Awaken your skin everyday - Brightening - Pimples and Acne Just like the 153-year-old traditional manufacturing method found in natural roses! New for Sensitive Skin ✔Four rose components make your tired skin healthy and bright by filling it with vitality and nutrition. 1. Damaskrose floral extract Protect weakened skin from external stimuli 2. French flowers Helps improve dullness by smoothing out the skin texture 3. Provence Rose Extracts Effective ingredients such as vitamins provide vitality and energy to your skin, making your skin moist and elastic. 4. Rosehip Fruit Extracts It is called the 'Fruit of Youth' and takes care of skin that has a lot of nutrients such as vitamins. ✔Effect 1. Temporary Cooling Effect 2. Skin calming effect 3. Improving damaged skin by UV rays 4. Improved pore shrinkage 5. Improving Skin Clearness 6. Improved moisturizing 7. Hypoallergenic 8.Helps prevent redness and irritation caused by the action of external agents 9.Awaken your skin everyday 10.Brightening 11. Pimples and Acne ✔How to use 1. After washing your face, gently wipe off any residue left on your skin by wetting enough on the cotton pad. 2. Wet enough toner in the seat pack gauze and place it on top for about 10 minutes to moisturize the skin and help with pore collection. 3. Spray onto the body after shower to keep your skin moisturized by moisturizing your skin. #rosewatertoner #robertsacquaallerose #rosetoner #authentic




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