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Beach Proof/Pool Proof/Water Proof Skincare

So I’ve been going to the beach more because it’s summer and I want to enjoy the nice weather before it’s cold and grey again One thing I struggle with though is finding a good skincare routine when I go to the beach I find no matter what sunscreen I use when I go swimming it all comes off (WHICH IS OKAY) but when it comes off I’m left with this milky eye burning excess and drips into my eyes and stings and makes me go blind I get that you should reapply sunscreen, especially if it washes off so I always reapply. But I hate going swimming and putting my head underwater only to come up blinded by the sunscreen in my eyes So basically all I’m asking is does anyone have a skincare routine they use when going to the beach or basically anywhere they know they’ll be swimming I feel like this may not be a common thing, I don’t know how many people actually swim like me putting their head under water but to be fair to me I’ve been swimming since I was a baby and I’m not far away from getting my lifeguard’s level so yeah I’m basically a swimmer




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