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🧖🏼‍♀️Retinol Guide & Best Retinol Products🧖🏼‍♀️

Let’s make a list together with the best retinol products. Tag your favorite retinol products below ⬇️. It can be a serum, a cream or something else. Not all products will be great for beginners and other products will be to weak for experienced retinol users. It would be nice if you explain why you love the particulair retinol products and who can best use it (beginner, experienced user etc). Personally I tried The Inkey List Retinol. I think this is a lovely one for beginners. My skin barrier is not great so I took a break from any harsh actives including Retinols but this has been a lovely Retinol to start with for me nu ✨INFO FOR BEFORE YOU START✨ When you start retinol for the first time try to start with a low percentage. If you start with 1% or 2% retinol straight away your skin will likely be horrified 😬. Retinol should be build up slowly so your skin can yet used to it. Also there is Retinol & Retinal. Within the skin, Retinol converts into Retinal and then from Retinal to Retinoic- acid (Retinoic Acid is the form of vitamin A that the skin actually uses) Retinol is more gentle then Retinal. Remember, Retinal is much stronger then Retinol. It works 11x faster and has a much higher exfoliation rate. It should be used in a much lower percentage❗️When you use a percentage that is too high or use it too often it can seriously damage your skin barrier. With retinal try to not start with a percentage higher then 0,05% . Start using it 1x or 2x a week max, so your skin has time to recover. ✨SENSITIVE SKIN TIP✨ If you have a sensitive skin you could also go for a Retinol alternative like Bakuchiol. The results are maybe not as excatly the same as with Retinol or Retinal but they are very similar. But with Bakuchiol you do not have the side affects like you do with Retinal & Ratinol. ✨PURGING/SKIN DAMAGE✨ Many people experience “purging” when using Retinol or exfoliaters. Just be very mindful when you experience something that looks like purging or skin peeling. Take a look at your skin. Do you feel like your skin barrier is damages or you might experience skin damage? In that case I would recommend to stop with Retinols and start on repairing & soothing your skin. Products like exfoliaters & retinols can actually damage your skin and create little tears in your skin barrier. Through these little tears bacteria can enter your skin and cause a lot of breakouts, irritation or even a painful skin. Never over-do products that are harsh on your skin. Repairing and soothing your skin in general are better then harsh ingredients that disrubt the skin. I recommend not using Retinol before your mid 20’s unless a doctor told you too 😊.
Retinol Serum

The Inkey List
Retinol Serum

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