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Chlorine Irritation 🏊‍♀️😡🔥

Y'all... for the first time in my life I own a pool and while I am so grateful...my face was not prepared. I remember swimming as a kid and even as a teen without skin issues but in my 30s it's a whole different story. Every time I get out of the pool within about 10 minutes it starts...my face starts to feel super dry and itchy around my chin (typically where hormonal acne makes the occasional appearance) and its super irritated. I rinse with clean water as soon as possible, but still, more often than not, when it's time for my nightly skincare routine everything burns. Even the most gentle cleansers and moisturizers sting in the chin area. What do I do?!? Any swimmers have tricks for pre swim protection and/or post swim products? I'll try anything. So far the only thing thats helped slightly is using a super thick moisturizer and letting that absorb for a while before slathering on the sunscreen. But even then...irritation! Ahhh! Any help or advice would be awesome. ✌💕




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