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Maskne resolved?

Hi ! i just want to share what i tried and products that i used to clear up my maskne that i got from wearing mask because of covid-19. I live in malaysia where the weather is hot and humid. and i am also a cook in hot kitchen,so you can say these conditions are bad for my skin. I tried many products to treat maskne and I always go for something soothing,moisturizing,brightening and hydrating. I think major improvement in my maskne is when i changed the typical surgical mask to fabric mask.It did wonders to my skin. my skin felt less irritations and more breatheable. My skin redness also reduced so much. i also started to use sunscreen constantly. i think these 2 things contributed alot. i did barrier repairring first before using retinol.Fortunately i didnt purge and it worked so well in brightening pimple marks and smoothing skin. Retinol also reduced the size of pimple bumps!🥺 Btw,It took me 8 months to get the skin that is pleasant to look. i always feel ugly lol because everyone around me have beautiful clear skin or less problematic skin than me. i have dehydrated skin( i think..?).. you may find these products on drugstore or shoppee.. they are quite affordable, pricing around rm30+ 🍒Face wash - NormalNomore anti-redness facial wash / Deriva Facial Wash / Hiruscar purifying cleanser ( they contain BHA) 🍒Toner - Normal Nomore anti redness toner / Naturals by watson Cica&Sunflower toner & Lavitem rice brightening rice pad 🍒Serum - Cos de Baha Retinol 2.5% 🍒Moisturizer - NormalNomore anti redness cream/ KundalDerma c.p.r cream 🍒Add-on : Somebymi cica 92% soothing gel 🍒Spot gel - hiruscar anti-acne spot gel 🍒Spf - Haracell milky sunwear Mind you the products were used during the period of 8 months.no i dont use all of them during the same period..when it finish,i tried new product(yep 😬 luckily they do justice to my skin) 💖For the facial wash,i did wash longer on problematic spots esp where there is pimples. It dries out faster. 💖i dont use cotton pad for toner to reduce irritation to my skin except when i use lavitem for exfoliating(which is during night routine) i do still have pimples but the numbers r reduced,i have less bumps( comedonal acne) on around side of my cheeks and chin,my previous pimple marks are less visible, my skin feels more hydrating and glowy.i dont feel any sting sensation when i sweat. always go for hydration,treatment and protection when you have maskne ✊ i hope my products and tips are useful even one. Hope you all get the skin you desired very soon. i only start taking pics in may and also the month i started to use retinol. recently,i just bought few skincare products from cos de baha because the retinol was so good 🤣😅 I tried azelaic acid ( it purge me a few pimples but i dont feel irritation) and peptide facial toner ( so hydrating!!! but it's so thick ) but i cant comment so much on them because i tried for few days only...but if you wanna try,i do recommend because their products have minimal ingredients and all r important ones. thanks for reading 💖




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