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Over the past few months that I've gotten so into skin care and becoming an influencer to Instagram based off of skin care care and beauty products -- I have found so many brands that I've never even heard of especially when I opened the world of K Beauty skincare. The point is I have found a thousand companies or more that I wanted to try or buy a product here and there but the problem is my bank account isn't agreeing with my passion. Now I know that picky has recently just came out with their picky box, but finding all of these Brands I've been wondering aside from boxycharm and Ipsy, companies like that -- are there any other skin care subscriptions that come with name brand nice skin care products? With boxycharm and the other beauty product subscription you only get like one or two products but I would like to find a company that does a box with like five full size skin care products. Maybe that's a lot to ask for and helll maybe there is one and I haven't heard of it! Please comment below if you know of anything aside from these ones that I've mentioned!!




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hi, you might want to check Bazzal box out. they had special boxes with 4-5 full size products curated by influencer on special price😊




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