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Yesstyle Influencer Program

Do you love to try new skincare and makeup products and leave your reviews on your social media? Or do you like trying out trendy fashion looks and posting them on your social media? If you agreed with the above questions, then I suggest you to apply for the yesstyle influencer program! YesStyle is an amazing and reliable site which sells a very big range of skincare, makeup and clothes! 🌸 But the question is, why should you apply for the yesstyle influencer program? 🌸 YesStyle holds a lot of frequent campaigns exclusively for their influencers in which they send you free boxes of clothes or skin care products or makeup products for free for you to try and/or recreate (if clothing or makeup) looks and post them on your social media to increase your social media presence! Additionally, if you get selected as one the MVPs of the campaigns, they send you YS points as a reward too! (for example, they gave YS points equivalent to 100$ for their pastel looks campaigns as a prize) Furthermore, as an influencer, you get a special discount code and referral code via which you can earn upto 10% commissions if your followers use your link and discount code for their purchases! They also have monthly free sponsored products you can choose to review! 🌸 Why apply now? 🌸 If not now, then when? YesStyle is looking for influencers right now and you should apply! YesStyle holds campaigns for their influencers every few weeks and it takes atleast a week to successfully apply for their application, so you should apply asap! 😉 🍀 So, if you are interested in becoming a YesStyle influencer, use the link below to apply! P.S if you apply via the link I give you, I will earn a small commission. Please help a girl out and use my link for applying 🥺 Also be sure to read the terms and conditions if you have any queries beforehand. https://www.yesstyle.com/en/influencers.html?utm_medium=ipreferral&mcg=influencer&utm_source=influencer&utm_campaign=iri3&utm_term=cherry30 lemme know if you apply! ❤️ i’ll help out if you need some help! 🥰




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