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Tell Me Your Skincare Journey

Hi it's been a while since I'm into skincare. I was so ignorant about skincare at first, and also I thought my skin was just fine without it. So why bother buying expensive skincare. That's me few months ago. Until I thought I want to get a better and healthy skin so I tried some skincare. My first skincare is Axis Y trial kit and son and park beauty water. They were so small and I have no idea what I'm dealing with LOL. At first I know nothing about hydrating and exfoliating toner so I just buy any. And my next proper skincare is SNP Peptaronic which I share them with my mom and sister. And after few months learning about skincare I just know that you can't layer Vit C and AHA BHA.. no wonder my skin feels like burning. That's my short story about my skincare journey. I would love to hear your Skincare journey? - What is your first skincare? - Do you have problems picking skincare products when you first tried skincare? - What is your holy grail products so far? - How was your skin condition compared to when your first time using skincare?




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