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always looking for new brands or products to try?… check this out! 💟

If you consider yourself a TRUE #skincarejunkie (like meeee🙋🏻‍♀️) , or perhaps you think #skincareaddict suits you a tad bit more (…umm can i be both?😋) …Then i shall venture a guess here & assume that you (like me!!) = constantly searching out new skincare brands + products + foreign or lesser known brands & products + always browsing instagram (etc) for any&all skincare related hashtags + blogs, and your version of 😍EYE CANDY😍 is looking at - and being envious of - all those sexy gorgeous color coordinated neat & organized #shelfies …all damn day EVERY DAMN DAY !!!! So I got bored today, browsing as per usual, and here’s what I came up with - I’ll post a discussion every FRIDAY - (prob under ‘Brand Talk’.. seems to make sense.. or ‘Opinion’ ? ..what do y’all think?) THE 🌟EVERY FRIDAY PICKY.FAM GIANT WISHLIST & OTHER AWESOME STUFF🌟 …so basically just go fuckin crazy my beautiful babies! post pics of stuff you want or need or just discovered or post a pic to show off your latest HAUL to us post links to sales or instagrams and/or webpages of lesser known but totally awesome brands! SHARE THE LOVE YALLL!!!! I know that was a lot to read so if you got this far , then congratulations you are officially a DEFINITE TRUE SKINCAREADDICT💟☮️💋 [HONEST OPINIONS YALL - IS THIS A GOOD DISCUSSION IDEA? WOULD YOU CHECK IT OUT EVERY FRI? WOULD YOU POST A BUNCH OF COOL STUFF? POST YOUR HAULS AND SHOW OFF YOUR SKINCARE #SHELFIE?! let me know! If it’s a dud then F it whatever yo LOL] … ima start💋❤️ here are some thangs n stuff. luv u all picky peeps🌸✨💗





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