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[ Disclaimer: I'm not a dermatologist! ] Now with winter coming a lot if us experience skin dry skin. However for a lot it might be for a different reason. I listed some common causes of dry & dehydrated skin. DRY SKIN VS DEHYDRATION Dry skin • A skin type that under produce oil • Genetic • Lack of OILS Dehydrated skin • A skin concern (dry skin can still experience dehydrated skin) • Lack of WATER In both cases you experience tightness, itchiness, ... What are causes of dryness and what to do? 🌿 Overcleansing Cleansing is an essential step in our skincare routine. However cleansing until our face feels super clean but also super drying is often a sign of overcleansing. The cleansers are way too harsh in your skin and will strip away our skin natural protective layer. 》Switch up your cleanser to a eg. cream cleanser. 》For drier skin just using water in the AM is also enough 🌿 Water is too hot Showering too long under steamy and hot water can whisk away the fatty substances that helps our skin to retain moisture. 》 Wash your face (at the sink) with lukewarm water 》 Limit your shower time 🌿 Exfoliating too much (I did a discussion about overexfolitating) When overexfoilitating our skin, our barrier is compromised and a lot experience dryness 》 Reduce your exfoliation to 1-2 times a week 》 Use a more gentle exfoliater 🌿 Using harsh ingredients A lot of ingredients (Retinoids, Retinol, Vitamin C,...) have the effect as (over)exfoliating which leads to dry and irritated skin. 》Slowly introduce the product into your skin 》Consider gentle options instead (Retinoic Acid instead of Retinol ; Vitamin C derivatives instead of pure Vitamin C) Hope that it helps you! Part 2 is coming soon♡




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