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Instagram discoveries of the week! (share yours😊👍🏼)

Soooooo.. who here besides myself has the daily ritual of browsing all the best skincare & beauty related tags on Instagram..🧐 And I’m sure y’all can relate to those nights when … “OMFG! I only opened my insta for a quick lil’ browsing sesh after finishing up my PM ritual + taking it down for the night - SO HOW THE F IS IT NOW MAGICALLY 4:45am yoooooo😳🤯” Yep. I’ll jump from one beautifully organized #shelfie to the next to the next and then it happens - I stumble upon a new (to me) indie skincare brand and their product line just SPEAKS to meeeee🧏🏻‍♀️ lmao. From there, a couple more skincare enthusiast accounts and more drool-worthy #shelfies, and BAM! Found a fellow #skincarejunkie’s profile & they have gorg product photos of FOREIGN BRANDS like Kbeauty perhaps … AND they also have super informative detailed reviews with each photo😍😍😍!!! All of the above brings me to the theme for this discussion 😊 I will post some screenshots of new brands or accounts or anything that has caught my eye from THIS WEEK. Maaaaybeee, if lots of y’all join in and share your finds and discoveries as well, I will personally do this discussion topic on a weekly basis! I am excited to share some cool, and perhaps new (to you as well) stuff with my PickyFam! Enjoy☮️💟





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