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Alternative Uses for Face Masks and Facial Cleansers

So recently I had both a face mask and facial cleanser that were a bit too harsh for my face. This got me thinking about some other uses for them so they wouldn’t go to waste. I had the accrue cleansing clay with volcanic ash and lemon (I know, in hindsight it was an awful choice) used as a body cleanser and scrub! It was great for my legs before shaving actually. Not as a shaving gel or cream of any kind, just as a cleanser before hand to get all the dead skin cells and physically exfoliate. So consider using your old cleansers as body washes, given you didn’t get an allergic reaction from them! Next, face mask. I had the OLD formulation of the I’m From Rice Mask which was too abrasive for my face. So I used it as a foot mask and body scrub. It left my feet feeling the softest it had in years after applying and scrubbing and washing off after 15 minutes! I also used it on the areas of my body that needed a little love like my KP areas and my elbows. Other options for skincare include facial sunscreens for body sunscreens, AHA toner as a deodorant/underarm exfoliant, and the simplest facial moisturizer as a body lotion. Consider finding alternative uses for your skincare!




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