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Medicube: Collagen x 3

Hi, first I want to thank Picky and Medicube for this amazing giveaway/free products in exchange for my thoughts. ●Triple Collagen Toner ~ The scent of the toner was too strong for me, I prefer fragrance free or lightly scented products. Its 3 collagens, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Atelo Collagen and Soluable Collagen plus other nutrients add plump and glow to your skin. ●Triple Erasing Cream ~ This scented moisturizer has such great ingredients, Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic Acid along with 16 patented ingredients to hydrate your skin, improve elasticity, pigmentation and pore refining. ●Deep Vita C Ampoules ~ The Citrus scent is also strong, it has 13.5 % Vitamin C for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, even skin texture and skin tone. 💙Overall, I have used these products for about 2 weeks now, other than the strong scents, which luckily caused no reaction or irritation. My skin is plump and glowy, as for the Vitamin C , not to much of a difference but with more time hopefully I will see more results.





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