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NEOGEN Trail Kit Review

I received this product for free from picky and NEOGEN in exchange for my honest review so thank you for giving me the opportunity. ❇️ Green tea and Wine pads ▪️Both exfoliating pads that offer good benefits effective. ▪️Green tea exfoliate pad leaves skin healthier and smooth. ▪️Wine exfoliate pad tightens skin leaving it smoother and leaves the skin a glow. My experience with the exfoliating pads is that I really loved both of them but I would prefer the wine one because I love that it gives my skin a glow. The green tea exfoliate pad really help me with my acne also left my skin refreshed and hydrated. ❇️ Vita C Serum ▪️This serum has a watery texture to it and is lightweight absorbs into your skin quickly and leaves a glow look. I really love this serum better than the one vitamin c one I have. I would definitely buy this itself as well as the exfoliate pads. ❇️ Ferment Micro Essence and the Flower cleansing water ▪️The texture of both of these product are watery and lightweight also absorbs into skin quickly. For the cleansing water one u can use this as a makeup remover. For me I already have a cleansing water I would prefer to use but really like this product. As for the Ferment Mirco Essence I do like this product but not as much as the vitamin c serum. My skin does love this product but I really don’t night this in my skincare routine since I already have one I already like. ❇️ once again thank you NEOGEN and picky for giving me the chance to review this product. #Pickyreview #NEOGENpicky @gopicky @pickyrewards @neogenglobal





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