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💦• 𝕄𝕒𝕜𝕖 ℙ:ʀᴇᴍ- Extra Moisture Panthenol Essence •💦

Picky Giveaway- Product Review! 💦• Make P:rem-Extra Moisture Panthenol Essence•💦 First off, I was sooooo excited to win this giveaway, so I could give this product a try! Make P:rem us an amazing brand for barrier support and hydration. And since I use tret (and not a very low strength 😉), those two things have never been more important in my routine. 🤩 This product claims to: ¤ Maximize Moisture retention ¤ Soothe sensitive skin. ¤ support the skins natural moisture barrier function. Using Key ingredients such as: 💧• Madecassoside- Soothing/ Antioxidant 💧• Glycerin- Skin similar ingredient/ moisture retention. 💧• Ceramide NP- Skin similar ingredient 💧• Panthenol- Soothing 💧• Anthems Nobilis Flower Extract- Soothing It has a thicker, Milky texture, much more serum like than other essences. This essence has a slightly acidic PH of 5.5, And is "to comfort the skin with low irritation." 💦• My Experience and Opinion •💦 And I'm going to have to say i agree with the all of its claims. I've noticed that I look forward to using this product every single routine. And if my skin is even the slightest bit dry, it soothes that problem really quickly. I also enjoy the slick feeling of the product on my skin; and how well it absorbs, allowing other products to sink right in after it. It has absolutely no fragrance at all, that I've noticed. So if that's something that tends to bother you, this may be an HG product for you in that way as well. 💦•Application tips•💦 A.m.- I actually apply this more as a serum than as an essence. I cleanse, and do the 7 skins method and Vitamin c. After allowing the skin to dry completely, and absorb the Vitamin C product (usually wait about 10 mins between these steps), I will very light spritz the face and apply a probiotic serum, followed directly with this one. You want the skin damp, nc this essence contains a lot of humectants 🤩 P.m.- I use this directly after tretinoin in the pm, and before hydroquinone. So cleanse, one toner, one light-weught serum, and then tret on wet skin. I apply this about 10 mins after tret. Again, I do lightly spritz my face before applying. Then finish my pm routine. Make sure you're sealing in this essence with an emollient heavy moisturizer, to hold in all the hydrating goodness 👌 💦•Cons•💦 I havent noticed any cons with this product as of yet. It is a little thicker that other essences, and that may not be something everyone likes. But for me, its perfection. 😍 💦• Rating out of 5☆'s •💦 4.5/ 5





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i just got this product and I’m loving it so far! loved reading your thoughts 💭




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