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Review of The Potions Deep Hydration Trio

I received these products for free from Picky and The Potions in exchange for my honest review. First of all, the design of the products is very effective. It reminded me of The ordinary packaging wise. However the dropper isn’t very practical, which might be because of the bottles’ size. They are quite small (only 20ml) compared to pretty much every other brand (30 ml or over). I’ve now been testing the 3 products for about 2 weeks, so I will write about my own experience. I have combination skin (dry cheeks and oily + congested T zone). And I’m also prone to breakouts. Hyaluronic acid It’s a very basic ingredient (but also very effective) that I use after cleansing, on damp skin. I like the texture wich isn’t too viscous and also not too watery. It absorbs very quickly and hydrates well. It doesn’t have a particular smell. I’ve been using hyaluronic acid serums in the past and i quite like this one. However, i don’t think I’ll be repurchasing it because of the dropper and the size. I use this in the morning and at night. Peptide I really really like peptides, they work well on my skin. This product is really enjoyable. I like the texture (not too liquidy or viscous) and it absorbs quickly. It did show some results (skin more plump and I look less tired). I used to use a peptide moisturizer but I prefer this as a serum to be honest. I would consider repurchasing this but as I said before the dropper is really a problem for me. I use this at night. Jojoba oil Jojoba is one of my favorite oils, even though I don’t really like oils on my face in general. This one is actually pretty good because it doesn’t leave the skin feeling greasy. The texture is nice, it absorbs well. Feels way nicer than other brands. Doesn’t clog my pores. Don’t think I will repurchase, as I said I don’t really like oils (and because of the dropper). I only wear it at night because it’s too much on top of my moisturizer for the day time. Overall, it’s been a nice experience, I’ve enjoyed the hyaluronic acid and the peptide ampoule the most even though the jojoba oil wasn’t bad. I would consider repurchasing the peptide if the packaging changes but the other two products are very basic in my opinion, they’re sold by other brands with better packaging.





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nice review, thankyou 🥰




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