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The Lovely Potions Set!

Received my potions very recently and while I reviewed each product individually, I wanted to post my comprehensive review here also. Very pleased with this set and will definitely be incorporating all 3 into my daily routine 😊 Peptide ampoule: I received this product for free from Picky and The Potions in exchange for my honest review. Loved the packaging! Absolutely adorable. There was no detectable scent for this product, which was really nice. It was fairly thin but really easy to apply and it dries very quickly. Left no stickiness or residue. My skin looked slightly dewy after I applied it but it didn't feel heavy in any way. I haven't used it long enough to see the benefits of the collagen and other peptides improving my skin's texture dramatically, but I'm happy with what I've seen so far. It might dry *too* quickly? I used 3 drops and tried to spread them around my face but they dried before I covered all of my skin so I had to use more. I'd recommend using 1 drop at a time and spreading it around different areas. Hyaluronic Acid ampoule: Again, loved the packaging for the potions! So sleek and cute. I applied this a minute after the peptide ampoule, and it had a similar effect. It dried very quickly and felt extremely light and breathable. I was able to apply this one evenly before it dried. I'd say it dries a second or 2 slower than the peptide, but it still dries quickly enough to make application super simple and efficient. I also felt no residue from this ampoule. It just left my skin feeling slightly softer and refreshed. There were really no downsides to this ampoule. It dried perfectly, left no residue, and I could barely tell that I'd applied anything to my skin, except for the fact that it felt softer and healthier. Jojoba serum: After cleansing and using a light toner, I used all 3 potions in this order: Peptide ampoule-->Hyaluronic Acid-->Jojoba Serum. I was surprised at how light the texture of this serum was once applied to my skin. It seemed a bit thick/gooey, but was lighter once applied. For a serum, it definitely clogged my pores less than most do. I used a light moisturizer after and then my skin felt perfectly primed for foundation. Also it was completely odorless and no irritation whatsoever. This did leave my skin feeling slightly sticky, but the stickiness went away after about 10 minutes. If you're in a rush in the morning, I might skip this one but I'll definitely be using it at night along with the others. Once I waited a few minutes, I was able to able my moisturizer and foundation with no issues. I've posted photos of before the 3 potions, after the potions, and with makeup on after.




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Thank you for your reviews ❣️




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