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COMMONLABS Vitamin-E Calming Ampoule 🌱Review 🌱

COMMONLABS Vitamin-E Calming Ampoule 🌱Review 🌱 I received this product for free from Picky and COMMONLABS in exchange for my honest review 💫Major ingredients 🍃Vitamin Even It protects and repairs skin 🍃Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) leaf extract 72% Melaleuca alternifolia is commonly known plant which has anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory properties. Commonly used to treat acne . 🍃Gesolza Gesolza is a powerful mixture made of three traditional plants Artemisia Annua, Citrus Junos fruit Pinus Densiflora leaf. It controls sebum production in oily skin and also calms skin irritation caused by bacteria, responsible for acne. 🍃Allantoin It is used as an anti-irritant, calming and for soothing skin. 🍃Madecassoside A famous ingredient for treating acne Anti inflammatory , wound healer and good for photodamaged skin. 🌟According to above mentioned ingredients, this product really has all the great ingredients to treat acne and to treat excess sebum production. 🌟My experience I used Common lab Vitamin E calming Ampoule for two weeks. My skin is oily combo sensitive and recently I came across with hormonal break out , this product really helped me in improving and calming down my skin. It gives an instant cooling effect when I applied it right after cleansing. Reduces my skin redness around my nose. 🌟How to use After your toner, use two to three drops on your face. On first two days while using it, my skin gets more oily but after using continuously for two weeks , it has somehow controlled it. May be because I was using it too much then I sorted that it’s three drops are enough for my whole face. 🌟Texture It is green in colour and very viscous in the bottle but when comes in contact with the skin, it easily glides and absorbs in to the skin. This product doesn’t give you a dramatic change however it does help with what it says. It’s 4/5 from me. #pickyreview #gopicky #COMMONLABSpicky @go.picky @pickyrewards @commonlabs._official





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