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Dear, Klairs (unscented) Daily Comfort Hand Wash & Cream Review

I received these products for free from picky and dear, klairs in exchange for my honest review Cruelty- free, vegan, and fragrance-free 🍂Dear, Klairs Daily Comfort Hand Wash🍂 This product cleans my hands without leaving them feeling stripped no matter how many times I may wash them. This hand wash also has sweet almond shell powder which gives your hands a bit of manual exfoliation, and unlike other products this washes off your hands very easily without leaving any of the scrubbies on your hands. 🍂Dear, Klairs Daily Comfort Hand Cream🍂 I have very dry hands that they will literally start cracking between all the lines in my palm and when I tell you that I used this and it moisturized and hydrated my hands with only one use and their was a major difference I mean it. A little bit of this cream goes a long way and it doesn’t leave you with that greasy hand cream feeling it may take ab 3 minutes to fully absorb but when it does it leaves no residue on your skin, it just leaves it extremely moisturized.




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