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“I received this product for free from Picky and​ BE THE SKIN​ in exchange for my honest review.”​ Be The Skin's BHA + Pore Zero line consists of a cleansing foam, toner, serum and a dark spot cream. The star ingredient is called Willow-BHA, a naturally derived BHA component extracted from White Willow Bark. Willow Bark is a plant and its extract is known to be a gentler version of Salicylic Acid. Both ingredients aim to exfoliate but Willow Bark extract is suited for more sensitive skin types. 🫒 Be The Skin BHA+ PORE ZERO Cleansing foam. Removes dead skin cells, clogged pores and other impurities without irritation. Packed with Willow-BHA and the patented green fruit (shine muscat, green papaya, green apple, blue plum) ingredients. Lathers and foams easily, creamy. Only a small amount is needed. Non irritating and not drying. I have nothing bad to say about this product. Would suit younger, sensitive, or oily to combination skin. The scent reminds me of men's cologne. Faint but woodsy. My son would love this. Would purchase this for him. 🫒 Be The Skin BHA+ PORE ZERO Toner. A gentle daily toner which quickly calms irritated or troubled skin. Packed with 85% naturally-derived Willow-BHA™ to smoothen your skin, clear your pores and get rid of excess sebum and dead skin cells. Has the consistency of water, absorbs quickly, no irritation...love it. 🫒 Be The Skin BHA+ PORE ZERO Serum. A soothing serum that helps with troubled and rough skin, excess sebum and clogged pores. Packed with naturally-derived Willow-BHA, AHA and chlorophyll component extracted from green plants, this serum is to smoothen skin, clear pores while soothing sensitised skin. I haven't used this long enough to see results. 🫒 Be The Skin BHA+ Dark Spot ZERO Cream. A dual-function brightening cream that works on dark spots and wrinkles. Packed with Willow-BHA, tranexamic acid and natural vitamins, this targeted treatment apparently prevents dark spots, blemishes and fine lines from appearing, while lifting and strengthening your skin. Again I haven't used this long enough. #pickyreview #gopicky #kbeauty @go.picky @pickyrewards @betheskin





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