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I know this experience we’ve all been through with the pandemic has sucked most of us dry: mentally, physically, fiscally/economically. I decided to do an easy (much care free in the rules if you will) to honour so many of us that do our best to provide for others, manage a stressful life. Knowing the holidays often mean penny pinching to provide for others (esp with this pandemic), and not helping yourself in things you’d love and need that wouldn’t be ‘much’ nor would you ever do for yourself - I wanted to do something different and special for anyone and everyone that would enjoy. So with that said, I’ve organised a major, highend/new BEAUTY MYSTERY BOX (Like you’d see with boxycharm or Ipsy, look fantastic or fabfitnfun) and just give back to someone, who’s spirits in my lift this year. If you head over to my IG and see my newest post (I’ve even refrained from posting too much to prevent it getting lost on my page), please feel SO invited to enter yourself in for a chance to win. Best yet? - I’m flexible on the rules (this is less about a plug for my OWN social media which tbf I only run my IG to help and share/learn for my love on skin and beauty efficacy and my studies in skinscience to help) - if after, you don’t want to follow me because you don’t like my content? I don’t mind if you unfollow. I know that sounds silly and not what we typically do, but I’m really just trying to share some joy this season and if you HAPPEN to like my style, what I offer and ME ON THERE, then please stay. But I’m not doing harsh rules. Meaning, you’re not going to be banned or blocked if you decide after the giveaway I’m not your cup of tea. I’m all about wanting to just be an open safe space on my socials ❤️ I do it all for free in hopes it helps even one person. X 💜 I want ppl who genuinely want to be on my page, to be there ❤️ The guide to how to successfully apply? 1. Follow my IG @skincare.and.beauty101 2. Like/save the post (I’ll attach below so you know which one) 3. Tell me what would be the BEST thing to see in your mystery box (in all skincare/beauty/spa/makeup). Please leave your country as well (as it’s open free to US, Australia and Canada. All other countries are free to enter, but after researching the customs rules for many like in the UK, I think because of covid they’ve heightened what can/can’t come in. So I’ve simply asked that if someone from any other region wins, they take the tab on customs fees) 4. Tag a bestie or someone you know who could use the good tidings 💘 (we all need just something to look fwd to if this is your thing) That’s it! 💥❤️ 💜💜For extra entries (unlimited) 1. Multiple tags in diff comments (so I can see and add them hehe) 2. Share to your story (unlimited) just be sure to tag me so I can actually see it (I want this Available so it can reach all that need some good fortune or etc but also give you the chance to increase your chances). All are welcome 💜 💥When? Dec 1 to dec 25. (Closes dec 24 & winner announced dec 25 @ noon EST) 💥Curated survey💜 - whomever wins will be sent a google form produced by me, so I can get a feel of what you like so the box can have more of a personalised touch of what you’re after for your skin or beauty needs. Everyone gets highend/new products that are beloved Shipping times will vary because obviously I want to give time for you to fill out the survey after you win, covid shipping times etc. 💜I really hope this makes someone’s day. Knowing so many of us are feeling depleted and this time of year is known to cause a lot of tiredness and depression. I just want to do my part. I got the idea after talking to a number of my mom friends who always spend everything non everyone else, but would never for themselves. So it’s just my way of giving back. Remember, the guide is particular because I want that part to be fair. Make sure you follow all of the easy steps to be in it! 💥💜The winner will be drawn by using the lucky spin app (the more entries the more likely you win!). I’m all about fair in this department and don’t do any funny business! 👏 So please, welcome and if after, you like what I’m about? Please know you’re cared for. But if not? Please know I won’t take offence if you want to unfollow because it’s not your thing. I’m 34 and a professional, I do this out of the pure love of skin science and sharing what I know with others (and learning from all of you, everyday ) 💜 Happy holidays and good tidings to all 💜 -Katy Dee IG: @skincare.and.beauty101




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