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🌿SKINRx Lab MadeCera Cream

🌿SKINRx Lab MadeCera Cream. I received this product for free from Picky & SKINRx in exchange for my honest review. 🌱Launched in 2015, SKINRx Lab's main line [Re-Turn]ʳˣ Moisturizing x Skin Restore is made with Prelipid Patent Technology, MadeCera. MadeCera's name is derived from MADEcassoside & CERAmide. The Re-Turn line uses a classic pink color due to the fact that color psychology suggests pink to be soothing & relaxing. 🌈Personal Skintype & Concerns: oily/resilient, acne-prone, aging, hyperpigmentation, dry patches, damaged barrier around mouth 🚨ALWAYS PATCH TEST 🌿The pink 50ml aluminum tube with a plastic black piercing screw on lid comes in the classic pink with black writing cardboard box. The tube remind me of medical grade prescriptions & can be a little annoying trying to get the last bit of product out. A gel-like cream that is a very pale pink. Takes a bit to absorb & can leave behind a tacky finish that dissipates after a little bit leaving soft, satin skin behind. Does have added fragrance (last ingredient) but is a light floral almost medicinal smell. 🌿Recommend for all skin types unless fragrance is a problem. It may not be quite enough moisture for dry skin. Can be used as your moisturizer stage in AM & PM. This winter I have been using in AM. It's long lasting hydration with a glow. 🌿Product Claims:🌱Anti-aging, brightening, strengthening. I noticed it helped my hyperpigmentation left after a hormonal breakout. I always use Vit C but added this & definitely see the brightening & barrier strengthening. 🧪Favorite Ingredients: Ceramide NP, Niacinamide, Madecassoside ✅Final Thoughts: Have loved Madecassoside for a long time & love that this also contains ceramides. I will continue to use this winter to decide if it's #holygrail status. 💋(star)Rating:5/5 🤳As always, all selfies are unedited & unfiltered Check out my Instagram post https://www.instagram.com/p/CXgWGUGrDof/?utm_medium=copy_link





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Thank you for your review ❣️ This cream sounds good!




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