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By ECOM 🍋Spot Eraser Ampoule

🍋By Ecom Spot Eraser Ampoule. I received this product for free from Picky & Ecom in exchange for my honest review 🍊South Korean skincare social media influencer cosmetics brand, By Ecom, uses safe & reliable ingredients for affordable & effective skin care. This cruelty-free brand concentrates on one's natural beauty. Their moto is 'we believe in the power of good ingredients' 🌈Personal Skintype/Concerns: oily/resilient, acne-prone, aging, hyperpigmentation, dry patches 🚨ALWAYS PATCH TEST🚨 🍋This 30ml thick clear glass slanted dropper bottle 3-in-1 ampoule comes in a light pink sturdy cardboard box with the words 'For Your Brilliant Skin' printed on the top. Hangul & English is listed. Heart on bottle has a yellow ➕ on it. Ampoules color matches the box. Highly concentrated formula using niacinamide & 77% Kumquat instead of refined water. Free of artificial color & fragrance. If I deeply smell the bottle I can smell a slight, natural scent but is not noticeable when applying to skin. 🍋Recommended for all skin types, though sensitive skin may need to check full ingredients. Apply appropriate amount after toner/essence stage & can cover face with hands to use the warmth for absorptio. This is the only other ampoule I use in the AM. I do not find it to be sticky at all. 🍊Product Claims🍋Formulated to help revitalize tired & dull skin 🍋Reduces dark spots & hyperpigmentation. 🍊My complexion has evened out & some hyperpigmentation spots I had after breakouts, healed twice as fast. 🧪Favorite Ingredients: Lemon Extract, Orange Extract, Niacinamide ✅Final Thoughts: I really like this ampoule for my hyperpigmentation. It has helped without causes any more damage/dryness. 💋(star)Rating: 5/5 🤳All selfies are unedited & unfiltered Check out my Instagram post https://www.instagram.com/p/CXjAYmVrS4g/?utm_medium=copy_link




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