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Hi guys! A we all know that Koreans are known because of their healthy and glowing skin. So, I will introduce to you the product that will help us achieved the healthy looking glow, this brand is specialized to all sensitive skin, it helps to reduce the irritation of the face, and also it helps to recover, renew and also improved skin immunity. The brand don't used any paraben, artificial color and oils this is solely came from korean herbs. ACWELL, LICORICE BRIGHTENING GO-TO-SET these set comes with 4 products toner, serum and 2 eyecream. The main ingredrients of this set is licorice extract water that is antioxidant and good for skin brightening. TONER: These Toner has a Low Ph that helps to balance the ph level, it also contains GUAVA LEAVES, ROSE EXTRACT, & GREEN TEA to provide deep moisture. You can also used a cotton balls or cotton pad when applying this toner or used your hands and damp it to your face to help the skin absorb the product SERUM: It has 66% of the main ingridients that helps to brightens the skin also helps to have youthful and moisturized skin because it also contain pine bark extract that is also good for fine lines and wrinkles Apply 2-3 drops and massage it on your face and neck, also helps to recover and renew the nourish and also improved skin immunity. It also reduces inflamations on our skin. And let it dry for a little seconds EYECREAM This product is good for reducing the dark circle under our eyes. It helps to brightens and makes it more smoother. OVERALL EXPERIENCE: These set is really a must have! Before using it, I have my breakouts and it really gives me a lot of dark spot around my nose area and I also have red spot specially when I'm using harsh soaps and cleanser. In just 3 days using it I can clearly see the result, I used it in my morning and evening skincare routine or even skin prep when I do my make up session and as what I've experienced it really brightens and minimized the redness that I have after using harsh soaps or cleanser. It also helps to hydrate my skin even more it looks healthy, glowy, and moisturized. As a skin prep, it really help to make my make up looks more natural, dewy, and smoother finished. Now, its my 7 days using it, and I will really love to used it again and again.





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this set sounds good love the review




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