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Recos for Dry, mature skin🤞🏼

Hey Picky fam! My mum is trying to overhaul her skincare routine and I’m trying to help her out. Got some great new products for her. The only thing I’m really stuck with is an ideal moisturiser! She has really mature, dry skin - plenty of wrinkles but also super sensitive skin/rosacea… so it needs to be something ultra hydrating that’s really effective but suitable for extremely sensitive skin - any help would be great?! I have oily/combo so I’m not sure which is best for her. Would a moisturiser alone be ideal or a moisturiser + a facial oil?🤔 She’s more concerned about moisture loss/inflammation than she is about the wrinkles so hydration over retinol based products is her prime focus. All suggestions much appreciated!✨💜✨




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