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💝✨PURE’AM Super Glow Dew Face Oil✨💝

🌹✨Super Glow Dew Face Oil✨🌹 @pure.am_official 💸$45 for 30mL/1oz ⚡️Rating 4.5/5 💄Follow me @sassandskincare on IG💄 ✏️Claims✏️ 📝A lightweight and breathable silky-textured serum like face oil 📝Packed with Vegan Squalane and full of the purest organic oils for super moisturized and absolute glowy skin 🧪Special Ingredients🧪 🕊Vegan Squalane, Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Lithospermum Erthrothizon Root Extract 🕊Pure Complex Blend of: Jojoba Seed Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil ❤️✨My Experience✨❤️ 🥀I typically don’t use oils because I have oily-combo skin. I was pleased with the hydration I noticed as my skin has taken a toll from blasting the heaters in the chilly season 🥶 🥀The simplicity of the packaging and oil’s beautiful rose color is aesthetically pleasing for a luxurious routine 🥀I’m happy this is fragrance free and the coloring is naturally derived from Gromwell Root 🥀After trial and error I found that 3 drops was the golden number for me. In addition, I recommend 2 serums max (after toner/essence) with this oil because it can feel overwhelming with too many layered products 🥀I like the luminous glow this oil gives my skin! It doesn’t feel tacky or greasy 🥀The application is lightweight, very smooth and quickly absorbs into skin. I think this would be a great oil to use with Gua Sha and Jade tools ⚠️Contains Bergamot (Citrus) Fruit Oil: Although this is listed last in the ingredients I wanted to highlight this for others sensitive to citrus oils 🌟Overall I loved waking up to soft and supple skin the next morning. I don’t use this in the AM because I already get a dewy finish with my sunscreen, but I highly recommend this for the night! 🌟This is my second complimentary PURE’AM product and I received another handwritten note in my package. My first impression of the brand was great when I received their toner, and the consistency with the quality and sincerity given with this face oil demonstrates the brand’s genuine care for their products and customers. 💝I received the Super Glow Dew Oil for free from @go.picky @pure.am_official @pickyrewards in exchange for my honest review💝 #Gifted





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Beautiful Pics 💕 Good Review💖Thanks For Sharing 👏




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