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Tinted spf vs non tinted? Whats your summer spf fav 😍☀️🧴

Hi pickies, Since its summer i wanna get your recommendation for good non pilling sunscreens, do you recommend tinted vs non tinted sunscreen and whats your go to sunscreen? Thanks in advance 😊





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The Beauty Trends for the next Month

May the joy be with you, as from yesterday on Venus enjoying the generosity of Leo up to early morning of August the 5th. The season of the Leo is approaching ♌ That means, that you can enjoy all the pleasures of life without the excessive danger to suffer a failure. Venus is responsible for love, beauty, attractiveness, enjoyment, entertainment, art, as well as finance. If you will be active, determinate and confident in any of these spheres, you are likely to gain easy success. Venus is in Leo, demanding status attention luxury and self care. Opposite to that in Cancer, there is no time now to stay at home, that is why you should think, how you really look in the eyes of other people. Let yourself shine, become the center of your own world, allow yourself some classy goods and don't be afraid to attract attention. It's high time to try on bright, yet classic colors, such as burgundy, terracotta, turquoise, deep purple or pure shiny white. You can also change your hairstyle or you can start some public activity. That all will be accepted positively and contribute greatly to your future experience. Remember, Venus in Leo hates to be grey, old fashioned, cheap, neglected or to drag in the end of the line. But it is the period of over exaggerating and overwasting your resources, at the same time. If you like the info, subscribe my Instagram @Selenian.Skincare





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