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| 6 May, 2021

good review
In summary, I like this cleanser! This is a gel foaming cleansing that is very mild and gentle, suitable to all skin types! This cleanser is suitable for morning cleansing, where we mainly just wash off skincare products from the night before. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, but without the "squeaky clean" dryness some harsh cleansers cause. It also contains tea tree oil and beta hydroxy acid, that are also supposed to help with acne-prone skin. The volume is a standard 150ml. It comes in a squeeze tube that doesn't leak or cause any mess (but I would prefer a pump bottle personally). I only use an extremely small pea size amount each time I cleanse. It foams up easily, but the foam is not as dense or luxurious as what you usually get from a cream cleanser. That being said, it is very easy to wash off this product. Overall, this is a very affordable and effective product! I would definitely repurchase this and also recommend this to others for a fuss free cleansing experience.
bad review
The tea tree oil scent is noticeable but not overpowering for me. This cleanser is more suited as an AM cleanser for me, because I prefer a stronger cleanser to double cleanser in the PM. I wish it came in a larger volume and a pump bottle too. Overall I still like the product!




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